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Using Swivl with Camcorder

Video instructions:

Swivl Camcorder instructions

Watching and deleting videos from your SD card:

Watching and deleting videos from your SD card

Click here for a downloadable PDF of instructions

Using Swivl with Camcorder

This document well assist you in using the Swivl and camcorder to record your classroom. The camcorder will record you and the Swivl tracks your motion along with providing audio from the included “markers”.

  1. Playback mode

  2. ON\OFF Button

  3. Memory Card Slot Cover

  4. Memory Card Slot

  5. MIC

  6. AV out (headphone

  7. HDMI Out

  8. USB Terminal

  9. Start/Stop Recording

  10. Charging port

  11. Grip Belt

  12. Lens Cover switch

  1. To mount the camera line up the notch on the bottom of the mount to the Swivl, while pushing down on the toggle switch (1) insert camera

  2. Plug in the audio cable from MIC port on the Swivl to the MIC port on the camcorder.

  3. Using Swivl with Camcorder (see diagram to the left)

    1. Open Memory Slot Cover (3)

    2. Insert SD Card (4)

    3. Close Memory Slot Cover (3)

    4. Turn on camcorder (2)

    5. Open lense cover(12)

    6. Press Start/Stop (9) to record/stop recording

    7. Turn on Swivl by pressing the power button

    8. Turn on Marker by pressing the Power button

Marker Status LED

Solid Red: On unconnected to Marker

Flashing Red: Low Battery (both LEDs)

Solid Green: On, connected to Marker

Swivl Status

Flashing Green - Base charging
Flashing Red - Marker charging
Solid Green - All charged
Flashing Red and Green - Both marker and base charging LED

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Oct 5, 2016, 8:28 AM