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Hints for administering the SBAC test

Here are some tips that other teachers/test administrators have told us about administering the tests.

Important note: The link being sent in e-mails from the SBAC website to Test Administrators (teachers) to login seems to sometimes be the generic nation-wide link rather than the California link.  The California portal looks extremely similar to the nation-wide one and because of this when they go to login it says bad password and they get confused into thinking they need their password reset.  Please make sure your teachers are attempting to login at this website:

Login Process and general tips:
  • When students turn on the Chromebooks they should not login as guests
  • When logging into the tests students will need to choose California and the "Smarter Balanced Field Test" before they see the login screen.  They may have to do this multiple times before being able to login. More detailed information can be found here
  • At the login screen, they need to click on "Apps" and then "AirSecureTest" in the bottom left corner (click here for an image of what this looks like)
  • The Secure Browser on the Chromebooks can jam up and they should close the secure browser and try again
  • LOGIN IS CASE SENSITIVE (including session ID) and everything must be entered exactly as printed
  • Teachers must begin the testing session through the "TA Interface" to obtain the Session ID
  • You must select all tests to start the session and you must approve students in your session before they can test
  • Once students login to your "test session" you need to approve them before they can begin
  • You will get timed out, do not panic, just re-log in…unfortunately this will create a new test session and this will need to be given to the students.   To minimize timeouts, interact with the test administration interface periodically (click a link to something).
  • Initially, there should be multiple adults in the room to help handing out Chromebooks, headphones, etc.
  • No/low volume - try holding the volume up button (not tapping it), this should restore sound.  If this doesn't work make sure the headphones are completely plugged in
  • Frozen screen - you can hold the power button on the top right of the Chromebook to completely shut it off and bring it back to the login screen
  • When students have to pause their test, they need to make sure that they have answered all questions in that section and click the NEXT button before pausing. If students do not answer all questions in the section and hit the NEXT button, they will lose their responses for that section and have to restart the section again.

Larry Simon,
Apr 9, 2014, 1:39 PM