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Using your Classroom phone

Q. How to make a outside call?

  1. Dial 8 to get an outside line then dial the number as normal.

Q.  How to put call on speaker phone?

  1. Press the Speaker Phone button.

Q. How to put a call on hold?

  1. Press the Hold button. . To Retrieve the call press the blinking L1 or L2 button.

Q. How to mute a phone call?

  1. Press the Mute Button, . Blinking LED means the call is muted, press mute button to unmute.

Q. How to adjust ringer volume?

  1. Press the Volume Up\Down key , while NOT on a call

Q. How to adjust call volume?

  1. Press the Volume Up\Down key, while on a call

Q. How to check or clear miss call log?

  1. Press the Call Log button

Checking your Voicemail

Press the voicemail button.

Enter your passcode followed by the # key (default is your 4-digit extension)

1 - Listen to New Messages

2 - Change Folders

3 - Advanced Options

  • 1 Send a reply

  • 3 Hear message envelope

  • 5 Leave a message

  • * Return to Main Menu

4 - Previous Message

5 - Repeat Message

6 - Play Next Message

7 - Delete Message

8 - Forward Message to another user

9 - Save Message

* - for Help

# - to Exit

Change Voicemail Greetings or Passcode

Press the voicemail button

Enter your passcode followed by the # key (default is your 4-digit extension)

Press 0 for Mailbox options

1 - Record your Unavailable Message 2 - Record your Busy Message

3 - Record your Name

4 -  Record your Temporary Greeting

  • 1 Record Temporary Greeting

  • 2 Delete Temporary Greeting

5 -  Change your Password.

* -  Return to the Main Menu.

Transferring Call

Transfer - ## followed by user extension then #.

Transfer to voicemail - ##* followed by user’s extension then #.

For example:

Transfer to extension 1234, while on the call press ##1234# then hang up.

Transfer directly to voicemail 1234, while on call dial ##*1234# then hang up

Conference Call

1 - Dial the 1st party to establish the 1st call. (Do NOT place the call on hold.)

2 - Press the "Conf" button  to open a new line. (This puts the first call on hold.)

3 - Dial the 2nd party to establish the 2nd call. Press the "Conf” button again to join the 2 calls into a single conference call.

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