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Transfer Calls

Transferring to voicemail directly using an office phone

When you want to send a parent to a teacher's voicemail rather than straight into the classroom, follow these instructions:
  1. Hit the Transfer button on your phone (on the large phones it says "Xfer" on the screen)
  2. Dial *EXTENSION, so if I wanted to transfer someone to Larry Simon's voicemail box (extension 4198) I would dial *4198
  3. Hit the Dial then Transfer button again
For example to transfer to Larry Simon, hit Xfer -> 4198 -> Dial -> Xfer

Transferring phone calls from all phones

Note: A Blind Transfer is a transfer to another extension without actually initiating a call to the end destination. The call is blindly transferred to the destination. By comparison, an attended transfer is a transfer where before actually transferring to the destination, the call is put on hold and another call is initiated to confirm whether the end destination actually wants to take the call or not. These two calls are then merged together.
  1. Blind Transfer, dial ## then the user's extension, then # to complete transfer.  For example ##4198# will send the call directly to Larry Simon's phone
  2. Attended Transfer. dail *2 then user's extension, then to complete transfer. For example *24198# will ring Larry Simon's phone, Larry will answer and confirm if he wants the call or not, then to complete transfer
  3. Blind Voicemail Transfer, dial ##* then user's extension, then to complete transfer. For example ##*4198# will send a caller directly to Larry Simon's voicemail without this phone ringing