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Sending mass e-mails using the g- groups

We have Google groups that create automatically which you can use to send e-mails or share documents to all of your parents and students.  These groups are restricted to only the teachers of record for the classes so others cannot use them without admin approval.

For Elementary Teachers:

Format: g-(school)-(par or stu)



If teacher Jane Doe at Snow wanted to send an e-mail to her parents she would send to,


If Jane Doe were a teacher at BGI and wants to share a document to her students she should share to,


For Secondary Teachers:

We have a groups created to send to all of your students or parents as well as the groups split out for each period.


Format: g-(school)-(par or stu)-YourUserName-(period or all)



If Joe Smith were a teacher at NJHS and wanted to send an e-mail to the parents of his first period class he would send to,


If Joe Smith were a teacher at NMHS and wanted to send an e-mail to all of his students in all of his periods he would send to,


For Entire school grade level groups:

These are available but access needs to be granted to you manually by IT. These are mostly reserved for Principals and other admin


If I needed to e-mail all 9th grade parents I would e-mail


If I needed to e-mail all 7th grade students I would e-mail


All the groups you have access to should also auto-complete as you type in Gmail making them easier to find